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Bodrum will make your heart goes Boom Boom!

Posted by Ferrouz Bousselma on

If you haven't booked your ticket yet you need to hurry and go to Turkey! Believe me if it is meant to be you will die no matter where you stand on the planet, so don't let fear and mainstream media or ignorance deprive you from discovering the beautiful world we live in. It was my second trip to Turkey this year first I discovered the booming city of Istanbul, its European and Asian side. As soon as you leave the airport, you are submerged in History and get the sense and richness of what was the Ottoman Empire. Architecture, Gastronomy, Fashion, History, Craftmanship, Artist. I believe it is the city that never sleeps from Turkey we have Hudson River and they have the Bosphore.                                                                                               

If you're in Europe already, take a side trip with Pegasus Airline a fantastic low cost which happened to be the second biggest airline in Turkey with a brand new fleet and a great service. Bodrum  will make your heart goes Boom boom!!! Known as the Turkish St. Tropez you will see that paradise indeed exists and there is no doubt when you look at all the nature splendor that there is something bigger than us!! Weather you look left or right from the beautiful Hilton Bodrum Turkbuku resort and spa all you see is the amazing Aegean see, the service is superb and the food delightful. If you're a party animal don't worry for your nights I witnessed first hand, Turks love to sing and dance :-). How I got there? Again, I flew Pegasus from Istanbul, Sabiha Gocken airport a seamless one hour flight with a happy and friendly crew. I think I discovered my new favorite spot. Next time for sure it will be Cappadocia. If you have the travel bug like I do you can offset your carbon footprint in your every day routine. How? Use public transportation or a bicycle, what you eat (cater industry is one of the most polluting industry) be conscious of your fashion, where and how were your clothes made, use shopping bags avoid plastic bottles and on and on and on. This way you continue discovering every bits of our beautiful earth! Thank you Turkey for such a warm welcome and for making me feel like home. #ILoveTurkey #VisitTurkey #Pegasus

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