The day I started to think "eco"

I can’t really remember the day I awake to a more conscious lifestyle, watching out what I was eating, finding interest in spiritual readings, discovering yoga and meditation. I didn’t know the meaning of holistic back then and yet deep inside; instinctively I was trying to find a balance between body, spirit and mind.

At that time though I couldn’t find my place in this community, I felt I wasn’t looking cool or hippie enough, sometimes I even felt rejected by the people, we were same minded and yet we didn’t look the same.

Problem is I Love Fashion! I love looking good, I’m passionate about cloth and finding the perfect style, I love luxury brands yes I am a fan of Prada, Chanel and Jimmy Choo!

That’s not my one interest though and so I thought one day I will somehow find a way to do what I really love without sacrificing who I really am. With my sister/best friend/confident/soul mate, we decided to create a blog that would bring people together who feel just like us, yes we can look good and do good and feel good. We started our research looking all around the world and were lucky to meet amazing designers/people and find label brands, which are ethical, moral and conscious; they believe it is possible to be both fashionable and environmentally responsible.

At Fashion Flair Bazaar we are not fashion victims, we are conscious fashion lovers who wants to make a difference, but with style!

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