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The day I decided to...

Posted by Ferrouz Bousselma on

I am the woman of all the excesses- Overindulgent by nature. I love to try new things, new products and when I like something, everyone has to know about it. I am your best substitute to google and any opinion poll, so hold on girls and read my latest report : The Bee's report!

My last mission : finding the best natural option to tame your mane, Challenge accepted !

My experience

I have long, curly hair. Greasy at the top and dry at the end, I like to have them straight with no frizz so imagine the diversity of products it requires ! Yeah just take a look at your bathroom and you'll have an idea ;-)

That was my life before, always looking for the latest (very expensive) miraculous serum. My life before I decided to go green and live consciously !  My life before being aware about the products I use and their impact on my health and the environment. 

One day I started to feel more interested in the composition of the products I was welcoming into my body through my pores and as I'm used to, I started to read everything about the composants and how they affect our health and our endocrinian system, I just freaked out !!!!

So  my first reaction was to get rid of all those f,,,,oolish products and to figure out how to substitute them in a healthier, eco-friendlier and economic manner.

Here are the three different alternatives I’ve tested for you and my experience with it. 

Bio shampoo and conditionner

That was my first choice after having quit the traditional « because you worth it » products.

I have been disappointed really fast, my hair didn't like it at all, They became dryer, unglossy and the conditioner was not doing its job of conditioning... :-(

I was also often disillusioned with the composition not that « natural » and eco-friendly as I expected.

Grade : 4/10 

No Poo movement

I was immediately attracted by this movement born in the US, the topic was appealing, « I haven't washed my hair for 5 years and look how shiny they are » !!!

Ok but the truth is that you don't stop washing your hair you just change your routine, instead of using shampoo you rely on a mixture of baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

Personally, I found  the concept really interesting, it makes you think about how much you're damaging you hair with unhealthy products when you can take care of them in a much more responsible and simpler way. Don't forget everything is done to make you buy and, as women, we are the first target !

Grade: 6/10


My « chouchou », my favorite. I discovered on the web the multiples virtues of this miraculous Moroccan powder. I must admit it took me some time to find the right formula and the best way to use it, but now, this is the number one in my bathroom,

There are a thousand different ways to mix it with essential oils, vegetal oils,  apple cider vinegar , with honey, all depending on the use you'll make of it.

You can scrub, you can gently wash your face,body and hair,,,

It's 100% natural, economical and respectuous of the environment. 


Your's faithfully : Bee 

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