Where do unsold clothes go?

“Where do broken hearts go when they find their way home…”. I was singing the Whithney Houston’s song and the next minute a question popped up in my head: And where do unsold clothes go?!!

Funny how our mind can lead us from one thing to another so quickly. I couldn’t help but wonder where do in fact all these goodies go?

Sales, outlet stores, charity, those are the most common options but to my surprise very little of that happen and truth is most of unsold clothes will end up in the trash and feed our over weighted landfills, nearly 20 billion pounds of textiles every year. Gowns will be shredded, heals from shoes smashed and every unsold item will be cut into tinny pieces. Everything but sharing with humans like you and me who are not as fortunate.

Some brands and no I won’t give names, they just don’t deserve it, after all bad publicity is still publicity, claim: “ We don’t want to create the image that just anybody, poor people can wear our clothing”

When did we lose our status of Human Beings to Consumers? Would that affect your personality if a homeless were wearing the same shirt you wear?  I can’t help but wonder when will Mankind take back over profit?

In the midst of all this thinking, last night fashion saved my life! Now I choose slow fashion, I choose eco-conscious brands, people who care about people.

What about you? What do you choose?

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