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Greenlee Swim

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When you awake to a more conscious lifestyle and realize that you get to vote every time you buy something, is very powerful and liberating.It’s not always an easy task to find the perfect garment that will fit your style and standards but it’s not impossible. It’s summer time and the living is easy, all you need is the perfect itsy bitsy tiny winy little recycled Bikin. Yay Greenlee Swim!! It was love at first sight and we wanted to know more about the story behind the Designer and Founder, Casey Greenlee. 


FashionFlairBazaar: Hello Casey where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in Texas but have always been a California girl at heart- I always knew I wanted to live in California and design swimwear. Once I moved out to LA (8 years ago), my interest in environmental responsibility became more prevalent in my goals. My family is small but fairly close, once I moved out of Texas, it wasn’t long before my younger sister migrated to Northern California and my parents a few years after her. It’s comforting to know we are all in the same state. 

FFB: What is the story behind Greenlee swim? How did it all starts?

I just always knew I wanted to design swimwear. I was always a creative child…I would rather paint than read.  I grew up having a close relationship to my Grandmother who was a dressmaker and successful, self-made boutique owner- I guess entrepreneurship has always been in my blood. I met my husband about a year after moving to Los Angeles and we were immediately smitten… we both knew we would be married someday.  He has always been very supportive of me creatively. Some ask how we came up with the name; It’s my last name and the perfect play on words. Coming up with the name for the line was the easiest part. I’m not sure how it started but people actually sometimes pronounce it as 2 words “Green Lee” when its actually just one word exactly like my last name “Greenlee.”

FFB: Could you describe your design process?

It’s all in my brain and spawned from my years of experience as a frustrated shopper. I am a serial minimalist and I like that to show through my designs with the perfect balance of sexy simplicity and a hint of unexpected edge.  I am very old school in my process. I like to take a very artistic approach and really pay attention to every detail, which is why swimwear is such a great fit for me … smaller surface area, more meticulous attention to style lines, etc.  I sketched my first “fashion gal” when I was just 8 and use to “sketch to order” for my classmates. 

FFB: What characterize your pieces?

We use the perfect shades of the “old school nautical” swim colors in the right hue for most skin tones.  We love to show the customer that it is okay to mix random colors together, in fact, our entire marketing campaign focuses on mixing and matching to help every “Greenlee Girl” come up with her perfect combination.

Minimalism, mix and match and modern retro also characterize our line. Our brand, overall, has a consistent, clean, European, modern vintage vibe with very dainty and minimal hardware. I love that people come to us for our fit, quality and simplicity…the fact that we are made from recycled materials is a bonus.

FFB: What is the most challenging part?

Production! Sourcing and production is a bit of a headache no matter what anyone says. The dainty and minimal hardware we use is imported from Paris and Italy, but otherwise, we source and manufacture everything locally in the US.  Sourcing is always a challenge when trying to keep things local while maintaining a competitive price point.   

FFB: Can you tell us more about the recycling process or discuss more in depth the fabric you use?   

It’s simpler than people think really… we have enough plastic on the earth as it is; why not find a use for it almost like an unfortunate renewable resource? Most swim is made of Polyester or Nylon which is plastic…we make the choice to use fabrics from recycled plastic rather than new plastic.

FFB: Who is your favorite eco-friendly designer or brand?

Stella McCartney

FFB: What is your favorite restaurant?

La Poubelle, Franklin Village area of Hollywood.  It’s our neighborhood “Go-To” We’ve been walking there for years.

FFB: Crepes and omelets served to the music of Edith Piaf? Sounds definitely like a place we wanna check next time we’re in L.A

FFB: Can you share with us your favorite cosmetic?

It would be very difficult for me to manage with out my Benetint lip stain and Smith’s Rosebud Salve.

FFB: What about your favorite fragrance?

I love my Miss Marisa perfume oil, it was the first gift my husband gave me when we started dating and I've been wearing it ever since.  

FFB: Who is your fashion Icon?

That’s easy! Style would be a tie between Kate Moss & Elin Kling but I’m going to have to go with Brigitte Bardot for my icon.


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