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FFBee's Secret for healthy and natural hair

Posted by Ferrouz Bousselma on

Lately I’ve been stopped on the street , complimented about my hair and I have been asked what my secret is. Thank you to all of you, it always feels nice to hear positive comments. So I thought it would be natural to share my experience even if we already had a very nice post from our little bee back in April called “The day I decided to…..”
February 2014, was the month I started using “natural” shampoo. BREAKING NEWS everything that says natural is not, so reading the components is a MUST, something that I wasn’t fully aware back then. The damage was done!! After a couple of washes, my scalp was dead!! I have always had dry hair when I was 
using regular shampoo, conditioner, serum, masks etc… but this was worse than ever. So after reading the post that our little bee sent us about natural hair care (and yes sorry for those of you keeping track of timeline Fashion Flair Bazaar was launched on the day of Fashion Revolution on Aprll 24th so we already has this info), I decided to start from fresh and went straight to my hair salon to get everything cut!! 
I started using the Moroccan clay in form of powder, you can find it online or go to any natural store they should have it. I bought the powder at The HERB SHOPPE located at 394 Atlantic Avenue, a very nice store with all types of essential oils and herbs. You can also check their website at  
Once a week , my husband and I (of course I had to embark him in this adventure) would prepare our “magique” potion, 2 spoons of powder in a bowl , 4 spoons of hot water, 1 tea spoon of  any oil or essential oil to give it a nice scent, 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar for the shine. Mix altogether and apply on wet hair just the scalp not the length, massage your scalp, rinse and you are done!! The feeling is amazing and the results are immediate. The weekly ritual soon became a monthly one then we got lazier and in the end WATER would just do it. Yes my dear friends, water, which constitutes 80% of our body, is MY SECRET!!!!
I can already imagine the perplexes:” and it doesn’t smell? And they are clean?” Well yes it does NOT smell and yes it is clean and I never had such a beautiful and healthy hair in my entire life!!! We went on vacation to a beautiful island in the Mediterranean this summer, for a week, I was swimming, every day in the deep blue salt water and kissing the sun. Guess what, my hair loved it!! Every night I would take a shower and rinse them with nothing but water.  
When I want to sculpt them I use the John Masters Organics sculpting clay medium hold which is made with 70% Certified Organics Ingredients. 
However most of the time, I wear my hair au naturel and yes you guys can tell ☺Thank you again for all your beautiful messages and as Whoopi Goldberg would say “That’s the thing about Mother Nature, she really doesn’t care what economic bracket you’re in”.
So if you think you are worth it why don’t you give it a try!!

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