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Vintage Fashion with Camila Girardelli

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All about our Vintage Fashion shoot with Camila Girardelli, Brazilian Visual Media consultant based In New York and France. Camila also has worked with world renowned artists and filmmakers including Helmut Newton, Vik Muniz, Jørgen Leth, and Ellen Von Unwerth.

In 2010, she was hired as a still photographer for the documentary “WasteLand” featuring Vik Muniz. The documentary was nominated for the Oscars and won the WORLD CINEMA AWARD at the Berlin Film Festival, Sundance among others.

FFB: Camila How do you relate to Global Warming?

CG: I relate, you relate and everybody relates. Now more than ever all of the issues of global warming are under our noses.  It’s like the planet is screaming for a change! I have a little example: Monte Alegre is a small city in Brazil where I spent my childhood, located in the mountains this city is very well known for the quality of its water and pure climate. My sister told me the other day that it hasn’t rained in so long that the city is now on fire and water is hard to find. It never happened before and the habitants are scared. This, is one of the many results of the tangible Global Warming. We are all responsible and with little changes in our routine, I am sure we can make a difference and leave a better world for the next generations.

FFB: What are your day to day eco-friendly practices ?

CG: I recycle, I avoid using cars. I live in France now and when I go grocery shopping I bring my own bag. In France, if you don’t have it  you’ll go back home with your groceries in your arms!! I find it fantastic! How many PLASTIC bags we use or throw away?

FFB: What is your opinion about the Fashion Industry? What are the differences you have noticed between the 3 countries you live in?

CG: Fashion industry has always been the same, La mode comes and go. Colors, fabrics and other materials are in and out.  And…. We follow! I have been keeping some of my cloths for years and reinventing  my grand mother’s clothes long before vintage became fashionable. I just think that people need to be a little more creative and recycle more. In the Americas (Brazil and US) people are just crazy about shopping! They don’t want anything other then buying specially brazilians when they travel.  I think the European mentality is a little more concerned about the quality and not the volume. They keep their wardrobes for long time.

FFB: Who is your Fashion Icon?

CG: Coco Channel of course and My Grand Mother Alice Girardelli. These two women have made a big difference in this world in their own way. Coco I don’t need to explain, her personality and her creations were completely avant-garde, and the results .. well we still see! And Alice used to recreate and recycle a long time ago. More then that she had a mission: to help people who didn’t have clothes or food. I always heard her stories but I decided to research and listen to people from Monte Alegre. One weekend, I put this sweet and raw documentary together about my Grand Mother.

FFB: What do you think about Fashion Flair Bazaar’s concept?

CG: II just love it and I think that is an amazing idea to put fashion together with environment concerns. I felt very inspired with this photo shoot. It was the first time I have been in front of the camera. As a photographer it was a challenge! I like the result. The recreation of the styles, the cause and the atmosphere of the shoot were just amazing! Thanks Fashion  Flair Bazar.

FFB: Would you recommend your friends to buy on our platform?

CG: 100%

FFB: What was the best part of this photo-shoot?

CG: How we create and re-create with what we have!

FFB: How does it feel to be compared to Jackie O’ all the time?

CG: It’s funny. The first time I was compared to her I was 12. Since then more and more.

FFB: What are the projects you are working on right now?

CG: As I am dividing my time between New York and France.  I am  working on a few different projects. The most interesting project is my next exhibition that will take place in France and perhaps New York.


Please watch:
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