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To pack or not to pack________light!!!

Posted by Ferrouz Bousselma on

It’s that time of the year when we all look to go somewhere checking the internet, consulting our travel agent our counting if we have enough point to make it to our dream destination. Aaaaah I love traveling, it is so enriching to discover new places, cultures and taste new flavors, spices. Walking around fleas and market to buy local treasures that will help build memories and of course make your friends and family happy. You need to make sure to have enough space in your luggage on your way back but at the same time you don’t want to compromise your style? Here are our top 10 essentials that will take little space in your carry-on and make you look like you paid the extra $$$$ fee.

 1- Jean’s we all have one in our closet but if you’re looking for an organic option, the skinny Gemini pants is what you’ll want.

2- Dress to impress with the Nikki dress wear it loose during the day and make it fitted at night. It comes with a belt and in many colors. I already have it in yellow, red and white and with this one I always get stopped on the street.

3 – The little recycled bikini from Greenlee, I love the shape and colors and the fact that they are made out recycled plastic. My favorite is the retro-cheek one piece that you can style with number 4.

4 – It’s summer and you have a great tan so I go with the Hoop Ring and Hoops bangle from the Mora Efron collection. It is a slow jewelry brand made in Spain. Style it with number 2 and you have your goddess look right there.

5-   It might get chilly at night so the little black cashmere cocoon cardigan will do it for number 1 when it’s cold on the plane and number 2. Also you can wear it with number 3 and 1 for a fun night out.

6- organic cotton shorts from lifegist wear it day or night, your shoes will make the difference.

7- this one doesn’t take a lot of space but finally we found the perfect lipstick at Axiology Lipstick. Natural, organic and ethical our favorite the Fundamental check them out at

8 – The short Hellenic dress from water puppet in non-violent silk is also a day and night goer and it goes with number 4,5 and 7.

9 - Your DYI sun lotion, I got my recipe from organic Olivia and it was perfect for me and my husband. FYI, husband unlike me is very white!! No sunburn and everyone around enjoyed it!

10- Your Favorite book.

See it’s easy to travel instyle --------- Wheels Up!

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