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“Have you met Cristina Morrison AKA Baronesa?”

Posted by Ferrouz Bousselma on

One cold day of winter, we “coincidentally”( we all know by now that there are no such things as coincidences) met Cristina Morrison AKA Baronesa. Singer, Songwriter, Actress, We fell in love with her and her talents. The Baroness grew up between Ecuador and Miami, she currently lives in New-York, speaks more than two languages and lived in different countries. We wanted to know more about Cristina who is the best ambassador for the Galapagos and we hope one day she will take us on a tour with her. Found out what it means to “BE GREEN” for Cristina.


Fashion Flair Bazaar: What does it mean for you to “be green”?

Cristina Morrison: Green to me means trying to eat organic foods from local markets, recycling garbage, plastics, bottles, paper, transform waste into other usable things or artifacts. It also means to be aware of electricity, fuel & water consumption.

FFB: What is your green attitude?

C.M: I think it's different being green than going for sustainability and it's all better said than done but one needs to be more aware regarding the choices that one makes from which brand of make up and nail polish you use to fabrics you choose when shopping for clothing or other things, from driving hybrid cars to cleaning up the beach and eating healthy. 

FFB: Who is your green muse?

C.M: Ferrouz Bousselma from Fashion Flair Bazaar & Aria McKenna from the Global Cooling Project

FFB: What is the super power you would like to have to save the planet?  

C.M: I'd like to fly and have some sort of magical wand to clean up the huge ocean garbage patches.

FFB: Can you share with us one of your green addictions? 

C.M: Going to the Galapagos Islands with my sons, Alex & Joaquin, whenever I can - walking barefoot, breathing fresh Pacific Ocean air, having silence and being in touch with raw nature.

FFB: What is your “uniform” for this season? 

C.M: My green Nikki dress, I love it!


FFB: What is the best way to share the green attitude?  

C.M: Do what you can and give example to others and learn on the way. Teach your children. Be positive and loving towards nature and others.

FFB: What is your ultimate advice to help save the planet? 

C.M: Do what you can and be aware, every bit helps! Learn and pass it on, practice something every day. We can help the planet by not continuing to make it more ill but I also believe everything in life has it's time, cycle, transformation - humans, animals, nature and thus even our planet. We're just a speck of dust passing through the greater magnificent cycle of our Mother Earth, Gaia, Pachamama, and she will still live on, maybe in a different way, but will.

I know you are in love too!!! Ok so we will share with you, if you are a Lucky New Yorker or coming to NY soon this is where you can spot Baronesa:

BARONESA Album Release Concert

Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 3)

September 29th @ 8:30 pm

New York

Twitter: baronesaNY

Instagram: princesabaronesa

Facebook: Cristina Morrison


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