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Eco-Designer Sofia Ramsay

Posted by Ferrouz Bousselma on

“Who’s that Girl?” 

Fashion Flair Bazaar: Hello Sofia where were you born and raised? 

Sofia Ramsay: I was born in Portland, Oregon, was a little girl in the midwest and grew up in Connecticut. 

FFB: What is the story behind SOFIA RAMSAY JEWELRY ? How did it all starts?

S.R: I have worn jewelry my whole life, having had my ears pierced since I was a a baby. At Pratt Institute I studied jewelry and metalsmithing, as soon as I saw the studio and the program I knew it was what I wanted to do.

FFB:  Could you describe your design process?

S.R: Mostly I am inspired by material. I love searching around for unusual components and manipulating metal to create something new and unrecognizable.

FFB:  What characterize your pieces?

S.R: My work has the crisp, machined edges and strength of industrial material with the sensitivity of elegant jewelry. 

FFB: What is the most challenging part?

S.R: Life has many challenges, but luckily I do what I love every day. The hardest part I guess is making sure you are always improving and growing as a business and as a person.

FFB: Who is your favorite eco-friendly designer or brand?

S.R: Lately I love the online store Everlane. Their clothes are completely my style and super comfortable, I can wear their dresses all day and night in my crazy NYC life. They have transparent, direct relationships with all the sustainable factories that make their clothing, which is the real reason I shop there.

FFB: What is your favorite restaurant?

S.R: Cafe Mogador! Can I have a permanent table in the back garden/jungle please?

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