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Spending the weekend with Netflix

Posted by Ferrouz Bousselma on

It's easy to get lost on social media even more during the weekend, a picture on Instagram of our first Friday night cocktail here, another status of an amazing brunch there.

Scrolling, scrolling to see what everybody is up to and by the time we realize it's already Sunday night and what did we learn???

 We have decided to interrupt our activities during weekends because let's be honest we  are addicted to it!! So we have decided to BE during weekends, be with our families, our friends, with ourselves and this weekend we will be with Netflix.

We came across this beautifully curated list by Conscious Magazine  of 5 documentaries that was worth sharing with all of you. Number 3 - HALF THE SKY was unfortunately no longer available but, for those of you who haven't seen THE TRUE COST, it is still there and definitely a MUST SEE.


If you have other suggestions please don't be shy and leave us a note.

Have a great weekend y'all........

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