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Conscious Walking

Posted by Ferrouz Bousselma on

Conscious Walking

I don't know if this is something you pay attention to but I do. It's one of my favorite past time, look at Gentlemen's feet when I take the subway. Yes i get it Sneakers is for the majority the only style you own and for the rest of you...... Oh well I don't know if I should extend but you would probably be better of with sneakers as well!!

I thought it might be helpful for you guys,who don't have a gay friend to style you or a girlfriend who will dare to tell you the truth. Yes we look at your hands and we will look at your feet. Here are 3 classics that will take you to the next round. Plus when she finds out that you are wearing Vegan Leather, ecological microfiber, that you are a conscious lover....

From Left to right:



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