Are you pretending to care?


Last week I went to a "salon" in Brooklyn. Somewhere in a private space , Artists were performing and exhibiting their Art. One of them presented a mini play, that was quite impactful and it has resonated deeply within me since.

2 actors a boy and a girl, sitting at a restaurant table, talking about "THINGS".

Since it's a modern play, smart phones had an important part, they were constantly checking/sending "THINGS". While cheering to life with a glass of wine, images from Syria and the little angel covered in blood that made all news covers last year were projected on the wall. Powerful and pretty in tune with our society.

This, is an invitation to think, without judgement but with honesty.
Are we pretending to care? I know we can't solve all the problems in the world but.....

Recently desolating news from another high street retailer came out, informing that they are using factories where workers are paid less than $3.75 hourly! Meanwhile super star bloggers are getting between $250 to $20,000 for a single post. Do you think they have a

What about the fashion photographer that doesn't approve the fur industry but still shoot the campaign.Do you think he is responsible? And the model wearing it?

Like Jane Goodal wisely says, we don't need to feel helpless. It's good enough to ask ourselves the right questions about the small choices we make. What we buy, what we eat, wear. What is the environment impact?

Is walking, marching, posting on social media enough when we know that the real changes happen when the monetary aspect is involved?

What about you: Are you pretending?

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