Cleaning Up by T'ai Jamar

Our cleaning habits are actually our human expression and need for order. It is natural to care for your environment. It is purposeful to leave a place with more care and order than disruption and chaos. Peace and ease comes with cleanliness. Order and patterns of mindfulness (considering all that is around you); who you affect; how you contribute to the present moment; where you direct your energy? Having rituals and interacting with the divine through respect and awareness, humility and responsibility, and beauty and reverence can give you a sense of control and it brings you into a harmonious state.

Our environment is one of the few places where we do have control! So whether you rent or own your place or crashing on someone’s couch :-) you make choices of how to care for that space and generally those choices reflect the state of your mind. Whether its a chicken or an egg effect, are you thoughts in order? Mine aren’t! But if my room is in order, if the dishes are clean… I have more space to devise a strategy around how to create spaciousness and order in my mind.

Having recently needed to pack up and move after 11+ years in one apartment, I found myself swimming in memories, secret pockets of closets and piles and piles of stuff. I was a mess. Overwhelmed and panicked…I couldn’t see straight. I knew I needed to organize myself and the more drawers I unloaded onto the floor, the deeper my muddle became. I felt unloved, unworthy of the beautiful objects of my past and I curiously ridiculed myself for being attached to these objects. I couldn’t lean into the unconditional love of God. I couldn’t feel the Natural order of the ebb and flow…That this experience was for my benefit! To heal and to ascend…To direct my energy towards the Divine order of things. I had to let go to feel held. I had to get real messy to rise above the piles and reach for the Source. I started to make lists, labels, and manage every moment as it came: one moment (box) at a time.

This is not a blog about how to organize a move or even a boast on figuring it out. I cried everyday. I fought with my love. I judged myself for my past; I chided my inability to be calm in the present; and I constantly worried about the future (will we found a home, turned into will there be enough space for all my crap?) and so on. My life was getting messier and my mind was reeling.

I am writing about the need to set up my space with intention and observe my actions without judgment. I am writing about my need to create a harmonious living space so that my mind can have more space (to think, yes) To Observe. I am interested in creating an environment where I can navigate with ease. I can find my keys! I can clearly pray and mediate in a clean/naturally ordered place! I am writing because I am healing and ascending towards my highest preferred desired state. I asked my friends (and Angel/s) for loving advise. I acknowledged my love’s constant support and (handiness) and I found the Natural Order of my life while chaotic and transient was guiding me deeper into Faith.

(Now Back to packing, organizing and cleaning aka MANIFESTING and Thriving in the Love of God) And listening to mix-tapes! ❤

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