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Come on Walk to the other side

Posted by Ferrouz Bousselma on

Hey come on and dare to walk on the other side, where less is more, where society doesn't dictate you when it's time to buy. Where you are free to contest and doubt, on the side where you walk at the rhythm of your own drum. On that side, it feels good to feel human again, to be recognized as such as opposed to a mere consumer whose sole purpose is to consume over and over again. Christmas is over and here goes the sales, the big sales that you should not miss, the last iPhones that you should get because they will find the way to make you get a new one, not because you need it but simply because they want you to.

On the other side, one can get out simply to synchronize with Nature and reconnect to our planet. On the other side, Respect, Love, Compassion, Sharing and caring are the rulers.

One has to walk through the dark to see the light and reprogram oneself, One has to disconnect to reconnect with beauty and the arts. It is not a life of depravation but rather one of observation and well thought decisions. 

Now... will you dare to walk on the other side?




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