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Do you know Ann Lowe?

Posted by Ferrouz Bousselma on

It’s African History Month and although we celebrate the culture all year round it’s good to take the time to dig deeper into history and celebrate the people who made a difference through their arts, activism and engagement. His story or Her story we honor their talent this month.
Ann Lowe ( 1898 - February 25th, 1981) Born in Clayton Alabama, was an African American  fashion designer, best known for designing Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress and other influent families like the Rockfellers and the Vanderbilts. 
She was one the first African American Designer to make it to Paris Fashion Week in 1947.
She was what we could call now an Entrepreneur opening her own “atelier” in Tampa, Florida, later in the 1920s in Harlem and finally the American House of Ann Lowe on Madison Avenue. Everything was made in house with her 35 seamstresses. 
Her designs appeared many times in Vogue but were uncredited! I hope it makes you wonder why? Could it be the color of her skin? 
She had a very unique style, her hand painted silk flowers appliqués were her signature  and the finishes of her gowns and wedding dresses were impeccable, in the line of Christian Dior who remarked her skills during her trip in Paris. 
I think her 60 years of carries should be celebrated more often. 
Sometimes we forget but we have to give thanks every day for the women who fought long before us to own their identity, to live their truth and to  resist the social stigma. 
Thank you Ann for your fly style and for creating beauty. 
The Fashion Fairy.

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