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Don't panic it's Organic and it's for the whole family

Posted by Ferrouz Bousselma on

Magic tees in organic cotton for the whole family,whenever you can, choose organic, if you care to eat healthy why would you put anything toxic on your skin. Being conscious is also knowing how our clothes were made and which materials. The tees from Sanchos Dress and Verlaine & Rimbaud are made from beautiful organic cotton and ethically made. 




Essentials organic oils because we all know that when colder days are in, our skin appreciates the extra love and care. The fashion steam from Malaya Organic is perfect for the entire family , get the water to steam and get around the table for a fun cleanse. And this fall, we promise no bad hair day with the Malaya's oil for Hair.











Organic candles made in New York. We don't know about you, but we love to light up candles when we get home, their light and smell are so relaxing. We were not always aware that most candles are made of paraffin wax and that the toxins released are the same as those found in diesel fuel fumes hum hum.. Our selection of Red Flower candles are made of natural burning wax and scented with the most beautiful notes of oils (from cedar to sandalwood, lavender to jasmine ) that nature offers. 


So don't worry and stay healthy, the B's Sisters are here to make you happy!

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