Four Years With No Shampoo #Wateronly

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I haven’t used shampoo for the past 4 years, that’s right launching Fashion Flair Bazaar has lead me to an exceptional change of lifestyle! If you had told me that I would stop buying hair products I would have laugh hard and straight to your face 🤣🤣🤣 MOI?? I was unconsciously collecting shampoos/ after shampoos/ serums/ sprays/ hair pommades/ hair mask 😷...... you name it!! And I wasn’t waiting for the bottle to be done to get something new!!! Now that I look back I think I was obsessed!! And of course I was religiously having my blow dry every week. When I started paying more attention to the ingredients I decided I was done injecting toxic chemicals into my scalp/ into my brain/ into my system. I often get stopped on the street about my tame and how voluminous and big it is and what my secret is...... when I say that I only use water, that our body knows how to regulate our natural oil serum, that is is divinely engineered and that the only product i use is the #organichairoil by Malaya Organics available here. The immediate reaction is “ oh but I have thin hair, they get very greasy” or “oh this wouldn’t work with my hair”..... Well I was extremely pleased to discover that @paris_to_go has a totally different hair type than mine and she has been using Water for the past 3+ year and you should just go check how stunning she looks!! #water baby!! 💦💦💙💙💙💙


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