Last Night we had a Dream!

From the Americas to the old Continent with a big ocean in between, we are three sisters sharing one big dream.

We awake to a more conscious lifestyle, watching out what we were
eating, finding interest in spiritual readings, discovering yoga and meditation. We didn’t know the meaning of holistic back then and yet deep inside;
instinctively we were looking for that perfect balance between body, spirit and mind.
The ideal balance to find happiness and peace of mind
knowing that nobody has to get hurt for us to feel good and look good.

WE LOVE FASHION, we’ve always been passionate about clothes and style, luxury brands, jewelries and shoes, Choo fans forever....
But a wake-up call brought up a lot of questions and so sad answers. The collapse of the Rana Plaza building happened and it was the cataclysm of our little elephant, of our life venture. The fashion industry is one of the biggest and most environmentally damaging industry, fast fashion, sweatshops, and child labor are all practices we need to put an end to. If you haven’t done so yet, please watch The True Cost Movie you will see and agree that we all need to change the way our garments are made if we care for Humans and our Planet.

It is our Dream; it is our purpose and the battle we chose to fight.
Fashion Flair Bazaar was born because we were looking to do what we really love without sacrificing who we really are. Rumi’s quote inspired us “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do” to create a market place for people who feel just like us, who care about craftsmanship, fabrics and ethics. Yes we can look good, do good and feel good about fashion. It is a lifestyle, we help you reconnect with your self in a good old fashion way. Here the clothes are made out of eco-friendly materials in small quantities, caring about the magic hands who made the clothes and often made to order to avoid unnecessary waste. It’s not about consuming it is about enjoying.

We started our research looking all around the world and were lucky to meet amazing designers, creative people, and artists. People who shared our exact same dream, conscious dreamers who believe it is possible to be both fashionable and environmentally responsible. The shift is happening, every day the community grows and people feel engaged to the cause. We are sharing this planet, it is our home, and we are one with Nature without her we don’t exist. Everything we do as an impact onsomeone, somewhere and once you open your eyes, there are no turning back. We are trying to play our part and decided to give a percentage of our benefits to charity.

We believe children’s are our future and education is powerful that is why we chose to support the Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project, an organization that build libraries in rural zones of Africa. We were very happy to accompany Bisila to Zimbabwe, it was a pure blessing to see all the sparkles in our little brothers and sisters eyes. You can’t hurry Love, Nature, food and fashion. Dream can come true, together we can make a difference, it starts with little actions. You don’t have to throw away all the clothes you have in your closet to be green, it will take time, it is a process but next time you need to replace something old make sure it’s BE - YOU -tiful made. If you truly believe in it, people will follow you and help you. Fashion Flair Bazaar is more than a market place; it is a community of

conscious fashion lovers who wants to make a difference, but with style!
We are Dreamers committed to bring painless beauty to the global community.

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