Life Coach Nini Shine Mallorca tells us about Personal Development!

Personal development is not just a thing that you do from time to time when you have some time left, no it's not really what it is to me.

To me it rather is a daily task, like cleaning, running errands, remove the dust, . If you don't do a bit every day it settles, it settles and it always catches you up and then you have to spend all your day off or half of it removing dust instead of enjoying yourself. Well I'm not a big fan of spending my days off removing dust, I'm really not! So I take a moment every day to deal with it. A daily little routine dedicated to me, to remove all the anger, sadness, resentments, regrets, remorse, to look at all the unaccomplished dreams and all the others still to realize and figure out what I want to do with it...So much to keep being busy with😬! I get on with it, patiently and cheerfully because it's good to put the finger on my weaknesses, my self-sabotages, my limiting beliefs, my fears. I put the finger on it and I clean it up 🚮I have all this life to do better, to learn, to understand, to grow. I have everything I need to get on with it right now.

Because Happiness is now, it does not wait, it's there! It's not something to postpone until tomorrow when I'll have a bigger house, a better job, more time or more money.... No happiness is now. It's up to me, it's my duty to water this plant of life that I chose and tear off all the weeds🌿🍃🥀 and shine my light🌷🌟Every day in consciousness I choose me.🙏🏼 That's for me is what personal development is all about. What about you, how do you deal with it?


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