Nobody can tell you, YOU CAN'T unless YOU decide to believe them!

my 1st drawing

It took me 24 years to dare to take a pencil in my hand and draw.
You might think so what?Not that big a deal but for me it is a
HUUUUUUge accomplishment and it makes me soooooo happy.
Tears always come down when someone tells me they like what I draw,
it's the connection to my feminine side, my creativity, my emotions....
And it feels good.

The reason it took me so long? Once in High School my drawing teacher
told me that I had no idea and was bad at it! BAM I was deeply,heavily wounded, almost amputated.

For years, surrounded by creative people , I would look at them sketch,
draft, graffiti with envy wishing secretly I'd had a little bit of genius in me.

 What did he know about me? How could he sentenced me so fast? OK I'm no Leonardo da Vinci,but it doesn't mean I'm useless either. Over all, what I'm trying to say is DARE, do what you like, draw, write, sing, dance... CREATE! Embrace your feminine energy. For me 2017 will be about creativity, now I know that I can do anything I want and I certainly will :).

My friend Elma Blint sent me this TEDx video shortly after i told her my story and now i have people around me inspired to do the same.

The only person who needs to believe in you is YOUR SELF!!!

I'm gaining more and more confidence ;-).....

If you have a similar story please share it with us, we'd love to hear from you.

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