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To Follow or Unfollow on Social Media?

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It's funny the number of demons, fears and limiting beliefs that can be reflected on social media! The number of haters that it conveys is a pretty sad reflection of a real and profound malaise of our society. And so an unleashed bunch of unfortunate individuals pours without thinking all their hate, their frustrations, disgusts, jealousy, envy.

"Where does this alienating need comes from, I seriously wonder?"

I don't understand why would someone choose to follow people they hate or insanely envy? Really as a free and thoughtful adult I like to think that I have the choice to say No, why would I follow accounts that won't do me any good? I don't wanna read words of people whose opinions are clearly opposite to mine. Stop taking for courage, when hidden behind a tablet or a smartphone, we insult individuals we don't like, don't admire, nor respect!

On my social media I want to see things that will enlighten me, inspire me  and raise me. I don't want to get upset. I don't want to pretend to be interested, to like4like. I want harmony, gentleness, kindness, love. The society can be pretty upsetting already to go and ask for more, seriously Nope! I want to laugh, have fun, I want it to be cheerful, easy, light or deep and terribly intellectual but pity no banalities, no fake friendships, enough of the same clichés!

Last week I surprised myself getting totally upset reading the post of someone I don't personally know, but who I usually enjoy reading the post on Instagram. I felt a strong urge to answer her and I surprised myself to write vehemently a whole sonnet to explain her as peacefully as possible that her post really suck! I was about to send it to her in private because I didn't want to denounce her in front of everybody (it's not something I do, although some people like to call it debating a subject, lol), anyway to make it short, I didn't send it to her because she erased the post before (yeah apparently I was not the only one thinking her post suck!) My answer suddenly seemed obsolete: Should I still send it or not? No delete and Unfollow, that's what I did!

Wait, why did you do that? Because this person I don't know had already made me doubt a couple of times and I thought enough! I am a smart woman with self-respect so I'm not going to lose nerve on a girl I don't even know and who clearly has nothing interesting to tell or doesn't vibrate with me anymore, so I'm leaving. I have the choice, I'm not forced to stay like I'd be stuck in a boring party and I don't know how to escape! Come on, the good thing with social media is that with one click you're gone! Problem erase! I don't like problems, I don't need the controversy. I want peace in me and around me so if it's not going to be served on the menu, I'm out. Enough!


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