To know or not to know, to care or not to care?

On January 2nd I was enquiring online to a Chanel beauty expert about the ingredient of their lipstick Rouge Allure N4 and I was told that it would take 7 days to receive the list. I’m happy to share with you that after 7 days, on January 9th I did receive what i'm told is the full ingredients list and so i went straight to my source of cosmetic ingredients data base on the Environmental working group website, where I checked the ingredients one by one. And before you scroll down to look at the result, I want to say that this is in NO Way a hateful post, this is also not against Chanel since most of the brands also use these type of ingredients, it is Chanel because this is the brand I used to buy before I started to care about what I put in/on my skin. 

Now as you can see, there are way to much toxic chemicals in that list to make it a lipstick I would wear ever again not mentioning that it is not vegan and that the accumulation of toxicity with our body leads to health deterioration. I believe it should be written and in big that these products contain hazardous ingredients.  I think the same way, that we are seeing change in the Fashion industry being more inclined toward sustainability, we should demand our cosmetics to have less chemicals, stop animals testings as well as the use of animal products and be more transparent. Don’t you think? 
If you read our previous post you know that there are other alternatives and that you can’t look good without compromising your health or the environment. We vote everyday!

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