What Can we do to Heal Our planet? Yes there's always Hope

How Many of us do the exact same things every day and expect different results?

Our well established EGO doesn't want us to change, and It is in the very powerful company of an Emotion that reinforces the stagnancy and Immobilization of any further action or evolution which is FEAR.

Ego + Fear = stuck = repeating the same patterns over and over again.

Are we conducted by our Subconscious or are we Consciously choosing? Are we in auto-repetitive mode or present in the moment trusting the infinite Possibilities?

Our Planet is hurting and needs us to change the way we eat, dress, live to HEAL.

Good News are that we have options :-) We always do!! We can either REact from our subconscious, fear, past experiences and known emotions..... I've heard many times "Oh but I need to eat my meat, my body needs it!" Or we can Act from our conscious state of being and address the situation from a different perspective, from the unknown and learn new ways :-) isn't this much more exciting? 

"They" which i still haven't figured out who "They" are? "They" won't fix our planet. But We do and can collectively! What do you think starting today or tomorrow you can change that has an impact direct or indirect on our planet? 



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