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It really took me by surprise this week to find out that one of our fellow eco-friendly e-retailer had to say goodbye after securing so much media coverage and $$$$$$$ from angels investors. We alsmot started at the same time and it made me realize that real sustainability in Fashion and any other industry will have direct repercussion on how we evaluate the profitability of businesses.

Einstein said "We cannot fix a problem at the same level it was created" We have been consuming incessantly, created more waste in the past twenty years than we had before. We over produce, over consume and over waste. We are being told that the more we spend the happier we will be and when we are not convinced or willing we are being pushed to buy new tech devices because of software manipulation. It's been 17 u-phones models released since 2007 

If we are real about sustainability we need to reduce our consumption, buy less and choose well. Of course it won't be easy, because we are used to and conditioned. Buying Less and choosing well will actually empower you and you will awaken to a New Lifestyle, You will discover alternatives way and you will feel good to know that you are contributing to the well being of our planet, that you are part of the healers and cleaners, you will feel good because you will know that WE CAN live differently, in harmony. You can start with the way you dress, the cosmetics you use or the food you eat or maybe you wanna start creating less waste? How do you want to start? 


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