Why don't you check what's in your Lipstick

To wear or not to wear Lipstick?
This should not be the question, rather which lipstick to wear if I’m concerned about chemicals and all the “Natural” brand out there. At this point and if you have been around Fashion Flair Bazaar for a while you know that we like to be in the know and that we will thoroughly go through all the ingredients . And for now we’ll stick to these two for our lips.
Danny from Hush + Dotti for the beautiful color, creamy and moisturizing rouge made out of organic ingredients and No Animal harm. Because that’s another thing that we don’t like/need at Fashion Flair Bazaar, NOTHING should come from pain and suffering!
And Axiology which also have a truly beautiful list of ingredients, packaging and colors more with more of a matte texture. 
And these two brands are not afraid to be transparent and let us know what’s in it. Unlike Chanel, which was the brand I used to wear who doesn’t provide any information on their website and when chatting with their Expert ( a person who has a comprehensive  and authoritative knowledge of….) I was told it would take a week for me to receive the information by email. Check our Instagram for the full convo.  Why so long? Why the expert doesn’t know what's in it? Can we demand more transparency. 
Is it not basic information I should obtain to make a choice? Or they assume that I just don’t need to know?
That’s what I mean when I say we vote everyday……. I will keep you posted when/if I receive this list of Ingredients. 
Be in the Know!  

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