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"To me green living means being mindful about our impact on the environment, participating in day to day life activities with awareness. Use less, consume less, take only what you need and make conscious decisions about consumption on all levels from food to clothes to toiletries, etc. It means always asking the question how will my action affect the environment, eco system. More importantly inspiring others to do the same. And I don't mean nagging and making people wrong but rather encouraging others to make the change towards conscious living.

Now I cannot say that I am a fully realized conscious-living being but I try to take the steps necessary in that direction on a daily basis from buying organic and local food, to conscious fashion and non toxic sustainable toiletries and home goods, reducing dependence on plastic and disposing garbage responsibly.

At Malaya Organics we are committed to making as much of our business as sustainable as possible by sourcing highest quality, organic, wildcrafted, sustainable and fair-trade ingredients; using reusable and recyclable materials for our product packaging and shipments; and recycling all that we can. It's taking the small steps that makes the difference.

Giving back and leading by example also makes a huge difference. As our company grows we share and invest into education and sustainability projects. To us it's important to inspire people to remember that we are all in this together, our planet, our home, we share it and it's our duty to do our best to care for our home and its dwellers." Katya Slepak founder at Malaya Organics

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