Fairies Festival Mallorca 2023 - We Are One________________________________

The Fairies Festival Mallorca 2023 is a beauty-full way to spread love, and show the world that WE are One. Diversity in people, just like in Nature, is what makes our Health and Wealth.

The Fairies Festival is a Co-Love-Ration between wonder-full women in the Arts, Design, Fashion, Wellness and Gastronomy universes ~ a real community of creative women from Brooklyn, NY and Mallorca, Spain ~from diverse nationalities. 

Of course men are invited as well - men who truly embrace and support the Divine Feminine Energy.

Our festival pavillons will feature Fashion & Jewelry Design, Art (Painters, Photographers, Ceramicists), Gastronomy (organic local vegan and pescatarian cuisines), Wellness (Yoga, Reiki, Massages, Energetic Cleansing), Esoteric Arts (Tarot Readings, Palm Readings, Birth Charts),

 Beauty (Manicures, Make-up, Hair, Tattoos, Piercings), Music (Djs, Opera Recital and a closing concert with a special guest performer)_______________


Email us if you would like to be partake in this Adventure.