Is this love, is this love, is this love that I'm feeling! This is the song that comes to my mind when I think about Urban Asanas. Pure Love is what you feel when you enter the studio. I am so happy i am telling everybody about it and it makes me feel realllyyyyyyy Gooooooood.

I had tried Yoga in different occasions, I even bought passes and after one class never returned. But when I entered @Urbanasanas, for my first class and I chose a power yoga class and it was not necessarily a beginners class I felt home, I felt LOVE and I definitely had another Experience of Yoga. An experience that would make me go back again and again. After doing yoga with Jyll for a long time I always say______" Not everybody does it but everybody should".

Jyll is authentic, pure, a souldier of Love and a healer as well. Jyll is also a Reiki Practitioner and a Doula. I'm grateful to know this BEAUTY-FULL Woman. She's the owner of the first Black Owned Studio in Brooklyn.


Jyll is also very involved with her community from teaching classes in the park to teaching elderly or children who would not have access to yoga because of their zip code. Jyll is here to do good, you can feel the LOVE.

Jyll will also be soon in Mallorca to spread more Love the Brooklyn way so stay tuned!!


you can book your private classes and you can also book her for a special retreat.

Grrrrateful to have found @Urbanasanas and cOMnected with Jyll and her wonderfull Team partner Porcia Lewis


Rrrrrrrr and remember Yoga.... Not everybody does it but EVERYBODY SHOULD RRRRRRR