Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project

 “With a book you are never alone” Bisila Bokoko


How we met

I remember perfectly the first time I met Bisila and like two lionesses, we acknowledged each other unconsciously knowing that our path crossed for a reason, unconsciously knowing that we were the same spirit minded people.

This is the beauty of the Universe! We kept on bumping into each other at different events and then….. One cold day of January 2014, we had breakfast and for the very first time I could see clearly! I was smitten, seduced, in awe with this Wonder woman. Entrepreneur, Women’s advocate, Philanthropist, Mother…. A generous woman that rests only when she is at work. That day, I was able to see the real Bisila and I’m thankful and honored to be blessed with so many powerful women in my life who are a true inspiration.



The Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project was founded in 2010 when Bisila decided to reconnect with her African roots, She was born and raised in Valencia, Spain from Equatorial Guinean parents. Her first trip to the African continent was to Ghana and there she felt the need to help Africa Grow and develop.



Building sustainable libraries in Africa, sharing the gift of Ideas and education. The libraries are built from scratch, painted and the books are sent. After that, Valerie a Librarian and member of the BBAL.ORG goes to teach the beautiful job of librarian and how to keep and organize the books, creating employment in the community.



“Because with a book you are never alone” Books are so powerful, with a book you can learn, travel, meet people, dream…… The library can become a Family Affair where Parents read to their children, children meet other childrens, youth exchange ideas.


Chirumanzu, Zimbabwe

The Second time I met Bisila this year was in September because as you know Fashion Flair Bazaar’s social responsibility is to give back and introduce you to Organizations so you can choose where part of your shopping’s money will go!

We wanted to schedule a time to learn more about BBALP.ORG and there she went with her natural generosity and said: “We’re going to Zimbabwe to inaugurate our third library (two are already existing in Ghana and Kenya) why don’t you come with us?”

We manifested our desire to meet Zimbabwe and sure enough our prayer was heard and last October 23rd we were boarding on South African Airways flight SA204 destination Harare, Zimbabwe. 


Why we Love BBALP.ORG

  • The way they operate: They partner with locals and that’s how the building process starts.
  • Once the library is done, books and computers are sent
  • Final step, a librarian goes to organize and teach how to be a librarian

Ultimately, the libraries are a gift made to the communities and as such, they are free to do whatever they want afterwards. It’s not just about giving freely, it’s about empowering and offering the right tools to have a fresh and strong start.

The Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project is currently sponsoring 25 children with scholarship in the Chirumanzu district, Zimbabwe. We hope you like it too.

If like us you feel passionate about this beautiful initiative you can visit their website and know more about how you can contribute.

At Fashion Flair Bazaar we are happy to come and collect your books so email us at and we will schedule a pick up time!