St. Albert's Mission Hospital midwife house

Last year when I went to Zimbabwe to participate at the opening of one of  the Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project's libraries that we support, I made a stop at the St. Albert's mission hospital in Centenary and I was honored to meet with their Chief Doctor, Julia Musariri. 

Dr. Julia is so inspiring and loving, everybody in the village knows her. With other 3 doctors and 20 nurses, they take care of hundreds of people every day with very few resources but as Dr. Julia call them, well wishers around the world help them continue their mission. 

The hospital has a Mother's home that accommodates 105 women but it can host up to 130 mothers, plus the average deliveries per month is around 250.  The hospital had a serious shortage of midwives and since they started training midwives, the challenge has been partially solved. 

Good accommodation is part of staff motivational incentive and in order to retain their midwives who are so critical as far as provision of maternal services is a real concern, they need to look after them.  At the moment most of them are well accommodated but two midwives are still staying in one room and they are afraid  to loose them soon.

What the Hospital needs

The hospital is deciding to renovate and extend the flat so that each one may have two bedrooms, a lounge and a small kitchen

  • $20.000 is what they need according to their estimates for the purchase of materials and construction.
  • The hospital through the Community Health Council will mobilize the community to donate common bricks to the hospital and this will be around thirty thousand (30,000) bricks.  On the other hand the hospital will provide transport to ferry the bricks, river sand, stones, pit sand and all locally available resources that might be needed for the construction works.

1) The Pregnant Mother's Waiting Home, 2) The Neonate with two midwives, 3) Maternal and Child Health Department, 4) This is the structure the Hospital wishes to renovate and extend so that is has two bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and a toilet.

The Impact:

The hospital needs midwives, children are our future and this is how you can help save lives. Keep putting out good, it will come back to you tenfold in unexpected ways.

    Other Ways You Can Help

    Maybe you can't contribute, but that doesn't mean you can't help:

      •  Get the word out and make some noise about the St. Albert Mission Hospital.

    Let's make it happen, together WE CAN!