Love Reigns after the Rains

In 2017 after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico and Dominica, my sister from another Mother Debbie Hardy founder @martinesdream knew she had to gather the village to help and so she did!

Love Reigns after the Rains was born and in just a couple of days some of the finest Brooklyn DJ agreed to come for one night of dance for SOLIDARITY. Some t-shirts were sold, donations made and funds collected to send to Puerto Rico. At the beginning of 2018, Debbie was in Dominica and she could see first hand the damages Maria had left in Dominica and particularly how a recently built shelter for elders was completetly gone and so the Tee sales continued to bring love to the Gruto Home which needs to be rebuilt!

2019 we just saw how Dorian left the Bahamas and again our Love tees helped and all the funds were sent to NAB (National Association for the Bahamas). 


To be of service is what matters the most. One Planet, One Love