Sometimes we can get lost and Tarot is an excellent tool that can help us navigate when the fog is too thick or when we find ourselves at a crossroad and we don't know which path to choose.  Tarot has nothing to do with guessing what your future will be. Quoting Andre who has traveled our planet extensively during his Nomadic period, Tarot is: " Scientific Magic because it is a mirror to your soul, to your present. but based on very scientific principles like Synchronicity. Why you pick a card in connection with another card. Synchronicity is a science just like gravity, we just don't know how to tap into it. The tarot uses certain formulas to de-codify the science and the relationship between the cards we are going to pick.  It's an Instrument that uses synchronicity and Archetypes to tell the story. The Tarot gives us a key and the only thing we need to do is open our hearts. You can have (a) specific question(s) or have a general reading, and the Tarot will give you a sense of direction"


Andre uses the Feminine Tarot and one of his famous formula is the cross tarot reading where you pick 4 cards. 1 card for the present situation, 1 card for the obstacle that one can encounter, 1 card for the power within you that need to be amplified to overcome the obstcle and 1 last card for the outcome.

Book your session with Andre, I can assure it will be a once in a lifetime and beautiful experience filled with cOMpassion and LOVE.





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