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A longtime favorite and a Must if you're in New York City. You open the door and you are transported to the warmth of the Mediterranean. The service, the lighting, the music everything is in harmony. Now you are comfortably seated, order a cocktail and take a minute or five to check their Wine selection which is INSANE over 1000 wines. In the mean time there fresh made bread probably made it to the table and i hope you already ordered the HUMMUS!!! I've traveled near and far and I couldn't find a better one. If there is an Oscar for Hummus they are the Winner! For our vegan friends we recommend the Falafel, the Green Tahini, the fire roasted Eggplants....... There are plenty of options.

I would love to tell you about the desserts but it would be like spoiling the end of a very good film .

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250 Park Avenue South at 20th Street
New York, NY
(212) 995-0242


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