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Diana in Red Madder Root by Anna Monet Jewelry

  • $ 18900

Newest addition to Anna Monet's earring family Diana is a gorgeous statement. New version is available in Red Madder Root for a limited time.

A plant from the coffee family, this dye is derived from the extract of the madder plant's root. This ancient dye was in use by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans for coloring textiles. It is responsible for the vibrant red in the ancient Persian rugs.

Created with the horsehair gathered by Native American artisans of Caddo tribe in South Western United States.

This small version is:
- 2.2" long metal wearable sculpture
- 1" horsehair tassel
- Sterling silver ear post 

** Please note this is a hand-dyed item so variations in tone and color are normal.

+ protective coating applied on brass to prevent tarnishing

Handmade and hand dyed in San Francisco.

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