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Purple Impression

Fashion is the key to womens development.

Purple Impression's story begins in 2013 when the Rana plaza incident took the lives of 1200 garment workers in Bangladesh. An incident that shook the fashion industry and that caused consumers like us to look deeper into how our clothes are made.

 What they found out were these facts that they had experienced firsthand having lived in many countries around the world, but never knew how closely linked they were to their fashion choices. From cotton pickers, artisans and the garment workers our clothes are tied to the well being of women in developing nations and as someone who feels deeply about women’s development they feel that the key to improving their condition is education and financial empowerment through employment and fair wage.

 Pakistan has a huge women artisan resource that is unfortunately neglected due to the political climate of the country. Without access to the global economy their skills are perishing and they are living under difficult social & economical circumstances despite having an amazing talent and the ability to provide for themselves. Purple Impression was born out of this and our mission since is to use fashion as a force of change for women’s development and conservation of our planet. They have committed to full transparency and never compromise on their values of:

Women Empowerment, Fairness and equality, Diversity, Giving Back and Eco Consciousness. 

Women matter and collectively we have the power to make a change. We invite you to join us on this journey to elevate women through ethical fashion, and without compromising your values or style.