About Us

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do”. Rumi
I am Ferrouz Bousselma the founder of Fashion Flair Bazaar, an online platform that curates Eco-Friendly Fashion, and promotes sustainable lifestyles.
Fashion  Flair Bazaar was born April 24th 2014 with the help of my Sister and Life Coach @Ninishine, motivated by the tragedy of the Rana Plaza Building collapse on that same day in 2013.
For me, the deaths of over 1000 garment workers, who died while constructing fast fashion, was a wake up call to my own contributions, and ignited my awareness of my personal responsibility towards creating Eco and Humanity friendly industry.
Fashion Flair Bazaar is a strong proponent of  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Lately we added Repair RRRR________________

“Being an active citizen is more than voting once every 4 years. Being an active citizen includes the protection of our planet and its people. Every action has a collateral effect and we have the power to change. We vote everyday with our purchases and our actions.

I work to spread this message through my love for fashion, while advocating a conscious awareness in the way we give back to nature . Fashion Flair Bazaar supports the Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project, an organization that builds libraries in Rural Zones of Africa.  Fashion Flair Bazaar also helped through the love of its community to collect funds for the St. Albert Mission hospitals to build and additional apartment for their midwives.  And every time we can we give back #WEAREONE

Check our Boomerang Section to know where our Love seeds $$$ go.

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