FAQs - Fashion Library

What is the Fashion Library?

It is all the merchandise that is available at www.fashionflairbazaar.com except merchandise from our CoLOVERS.


Why does the Library exists?

Sometimes we just want to experiment a different look or simply wear a dress or accessory for a special occasion. Renting is a great alternative to Reducing the impact of Fashion production.


How can I rent Items from the Fashion Library?

To rent items from the FFB Library you need to become a soulscriber. You can do a monthly soulscription or a yearly one.


How long can I keep the items I rented?

You can do a weekly or Monthly rental.


How much does it cost?

Rentals starts at 20 euros weekly for a Top and 50 Euros for a dress


Do I need to leave a deposit?

Yes a deposit of the full amount of the items will be charged at the time of rental and refunded when the Item is returned.


What happen if I lose an Item I have rented?


If you lose the item you rented, we will keep your deposit.


What happen if I break or damage an item I rented?

If you break or damage an item we will subtract the repair fee from your deposit, if we can't fix it, we will keep your deposit.



Can I buy Items from the Fashion Library?

Yes all FFB merchandise is for sale, if you rented an item that you want to keep, we'll subtract the price from your rental fee.


Do I need to clean the clothes I rented.


We will take care of the cleaning using detergents that are chemicals free.