Samaritan's corner


a Charitable or Help-Full Human


* My version of the definition hahahhahahahahahaha


As We work towards building our Bee's Community we envision buying a Piece of Land in Mallorca, where We will grow food, built tiny houses, with Local and pacha Mama approved materials, work with Mother Nature, Respect Her and this space will become our Temple, a safe space where few people will reside year round and others will be able to come and share some love from other similar Sacred spaces, Some retreats, a place to share and connect I know some Beauty- Full places other than Mallorca where  We All  Nomads, Lightworkers, Healers, Artists, Earth Lovers will ab-soul-lutely Love to stop for as long as the spirits say. We do not know borders, because We are infinite and just like Trees, We're going to grow, spread love and helps our Planet Heal.

To make this Vision become a reality we need Love Seeds $$$$$$$$ if you have Love Seeds $$$$$$$ that you would like to Sow into our Mallorca Soil let us know. Spreading more Love in everything We do. Email for more information.