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Lavender Lip Savior By Malaya Organics

Lavender Lip Savior By Malaya Organics

  • $ 1200

Malaya Lavender Lip Savior is a one of a kind lip moisturizer that will repair dry, chapped lips, while protecting them from the harshest weather conditions. Their unique blend of botanical ingredients is formulated to nourish, calm, and regenerate delicate sensitive skin.

Kissing him/her softly_______

Use: Apply liberally as needed


  • Cacao Butter^,
  • Beeswax+, Castor Oil*,
  • Sweet Almond Oil*,
  • Jojoba Oil*,
  • Herbal extracts - [Lavender flower*, Chamomile Flower*], Lavender Oil*, Peppermint Oil*,
  • Vitamin E Tocopherols (GMO Free).

*Certified Organic                                                                                  
+Sun Whitened    

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